Types of Bail Bonds in Greensburg, PA

At Mirolli Bail Bonds, we know that most people aren’t familiar with the bail bond process – and why should they be? Getting arrested is often a once-in-a-lifetime event that most of our clients strive to avoid; it’s understandable that only a bail bond company or an attorney would have thorough knowledge of the different types of bail bonds. In Greensburg, PA, we’ve created this page to shed some light on these topics.

What Is a Bond?

A bail bond is a financial tool used by judges to ensure arrested individuals show up for their court hearings on the appointed date. Every kind of bond requires collateral – usually cash. This collateral may be supplied by an individual, or by a bail bond company that acts on the arrested individual’s behalf.

Bonds We Provide

Cash Bonds: In order to be released, the defendant or someone acting on the defendant’s behalf must pay the full bond amount to the court. Then, the defendant, as well as any cosigner, must sign the bond. This guarantees that the defendant will appear for future court dates.

Own Recognizance Bonds: This system requires first-time arrests to swear that they will appear for future court dates in front of a court.

10% Bail Bonds: This requires 10% of the total bond and a bondsman is not necessarily needed to be there.  But there may be circumstances where a person can not produce the 10% and this is where Mirolli Bail Bonds can help for this type of bond.

Transfer Bonds: Transfer bonds are bonds that are held for individuals held in certain states or jurisdictions separate from the location the bond was originally written. They allow individuals to post bail with local bondsmen, or even transfer bonds to the place in which they’re being held.

Surety Bonds: Surety bonds function as insurance policies for individuals that do not have the funds to post bail. Should you be unable to fulfill your obligation, your bond provider will pay that party a specified amount. The bondsman essentially pledges that, should the defendant miss their court appearance, they will pay the full bail amount.

The advantage of this type of bond is that it does not require defendants to gather the sum needed to cover entire bonds – instead, they can simply pay a small percentage to a bondsman. However, not all people are eligible for surety bonds, so it’s best to ask a professional.

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